Is communication

in your business



As a trainer, The Business Scribe introduces proven and practical ways to wrap communication around business processes, focusing both senders and receivers on the same key concepts so they communicate more effectively.

This is far beyond grammar, punctuation and spelling. This is learning the communication of today’s business. 

Send clearer messages

“Excellent communication skills.” Crack the code for this elusive job requirement and stand out among your peers. Learn new ways to organize your thoughts so your business messages are clearer and simply more effective.


Develop easier skills

Your teachers meant well, but bombarding that younger you with terms like “past participle” and “conjunctive adverbs” most likely distracted you from real learning. Now that you’re older, it’s time for some shortcuts and useful tips.


Move business along

Business is a game of back-and-forth, and poor communication habits can take the ball out of play. Learn to communicate in ways that keep the ball moving from one court to another and toward a clearly understood finish.


LEARN the nine stages

of business communications.

Among the arrows in The Business Scribe’s quiver is a lesson on applying a tool that’s common to one particular profession to seamlessly align your communication with any business endeavor, large or small.

This alignment provides a common reference point for you and others so that what you seek to communicate is framed by what others already know or perceive. Communication is strengthened by this commonality.

How much productivity is lost
from poor communications?

To the degree that communication fails, productivity fails.

Studies everywhere (go ahead and Google it) prove what you already know: poor communication wastes time and creates problems. That’s unproductive and costs your company money. That’s also why training that builds communication skills specifically around business processes is a good investment. Take a look at what people, including The Business Scribe, say about poor communication and its cost.

About The Business Scribe

The Business Scribe is Molly A. Badgett, a seasoned professional with a uniquely relevant mix of educational and professional experiences that lend fresh insight into how communication can be improved specifically in business.

Tap into the knowledge she gained as a print/online journalist, advertising/PR executive, corporate communications professional and college instructor to discover common-sense solutions she brings to the all-too-common challenges of communicating in the workplace.

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