Years of work in agency and corporate settings doing advertising, marketing and public relations showed me that it can all be done more efficiently and cost-effectively. The Business Scribe caters primarily to small businesses that don’t have large budgets but still need the occasional marketing collateral or direct mail piece (yes, that still works) to promote their services, simply and effectively. 

Brand development

Many, if not most, small companies start out by simply getting the job done, without first establishing a brand identity that will stand the test of time. The Business Scribe has helped many companies create or revise their brand and, just as important, maintain it across a diverse range of marketing and media applications. Critical to success in branding is knowing it’s not simply about having a great set of graphics. It’s your firm’s entire personality. 

Marketing/PR planning and execution

Once your brand is established, The Business Scribe can help you with any marketing efforts – digital or print – to maintain the integrity of your brand while communicating its promise to specific target audiences. The Business Scribe has decades of experience promoting products and services to consumers and other businesses. We can start by developing a full-on marketing plan so you’ll first see what your options are for the budget you have.

ACCESS agency-quality work

Don’t have the budget to pay that large-agency monthly retainer or make its required minimum investment? Let The Business Scribe quote your single marketing project. You’ll get what you need, without compromise, from an MBA with years of hands-on agency work under her belt.

The Business Scribe has done marketing/PR work for clients as big as Procter & Gamble and Lloyds of London, and as small as sole proprietors like herself. This website is an example of work by The Business Scribe.

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