The Business Scribe focuses on the context of business as well as delivery skills, providing communication training that will have the biggest overall effect. Typical program topics are listed below, but courses can be customized to meet your specific communication challenges. 

Priceless structures

  • Nine stages of business communications
  • Communication that gets things done
  • Journalists do this; you should, too
  • Lean/Six Sigma tricks for communication
  • Project-management communication

Old lessons made new

  • Sentence structuring that won’t fail
  • Mastering the parallel-structure universe
  • Going places via GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling)

Non-negotiable skills

  • Grasping your audience’s viewpoint
  • The right tone in using “you”
  • Nuances of communications etiquette

“Training from The Business Scribe isn’t about re-engineering workplace personalities. It’s about giving you and those you work with a common-language framework tied directly to business so everyone can communicate more effectively with one another.”

— Molly Badgett, The Business Scribe

It helps to relearn some things

That’s because, to a large extent, you learned it wrong the first time! At least where business communications is concerned. And because, regardless of what some people say, practice doesn’t always make perfect; bad habits of communication are only repeated if left unaddressed. But be certain of this: Poor communication habits reflect poorly on you and your company.

Let The Business Scribe re-introduce relevant rules of writing and thought-organization so you and your team communicate more effectively. I’ll explain productive ways to move business forward through correspondence, and to ground communication in clear and familiar language that breaks barriers to understanding.

I’ll provide specific training messages to young managers, in particular, as they take on more responsibility for communicating with others who are important to your organization.

The right mix of know-how

As a seasoned, professional writer who happens to have an MBA and a lot of business experience, too, Molly draws on a unique combination of insights to teach important skills – particularly in writing – to promote clearer business communication. She brings the following experience and credentials to her training sessions.

•  Business writer/marketing communications practitioner; 12 years
•  Corporate communications director for global real estate firm; eight years

•  Business communications instructor for Georgia State and Brenau universities; 10 years

•  Product developer and marketer of Minerals Mate; seven years
•  Account executive for three advertising and public relations agencies; eight years

Six years with Gannett Co., Inc.:
   •  Desk editor for The Cincinnati Enquirer
   •  Corporate writer for company magazine
   •  Assistant news editor for online version of USA TODAY
   •  Reporter/writer/editor for The (Gainesville) Times

•  MBA in marketing from Georgia State University
•  BA in journalism from Brenau University

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