While joining a friend in looking at available cars for sale, we told one local dealership sales rep, who called to follow up on an online inquiry, that we simply wanted specific information about a certain car. We were just window shopping online, and we told him so. That was four days ago, on a Thursday; today is Tuesday.

This morning, another rep from the dealership called to say my friend had missed a scheduled time to come in this past Saturday to look at the car. Her tone was a tad reprimanding.

Really? That’s your communication style? Fake-shaming prospective customers as if they missed a never-made appointment is no way to win friends and sell anything.

The only thing worse (well, that I can think of now) is the non-profit who calls to speak to Ebenezer and when you say there is no Ebenezer at the residence, he or she assures you that you can help, and proceeds to launch into the pitch for a donation. I don’t envy charity development staffs but, again, false premises are no bases for trust.